Ceramic clay is quite a magical substance. It starts as a lump of wet goopy stuff and ends up as a bowl, sculpture, brick, knick-knack, face mask, tile, paint etc. The clay I use is built, dried and eventually fired in a kiln a number of times. The building part refers to forming the wet clay either by hand or thrown on a potter’s wheel, smoothing, texturing and/or carving the clay. Drying the clay thoroughly is important before it is placed in a kiln for its firing stage. My kiln reaches a temperature of approximately 1950 degrees F during the first firing and once glaze is added, a second firing reaches approximately 2250 degrees F. Subsequent firings are usually lower if additional decoration is required. Clay is subject to extreme heat, shrinkage and other tortures before it is a completed work of art. There is little WYSIWYG in ceramics


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